Take a look behind the scenes

What happens when a Hollywood Special Effects Master, Horror Legend and film Director/Producer picks up and moves his entire operation from Hollywood to Ohio’s farm country to set up an F/X studio in the old bowling alley where he rolled his first strike as a kid? A one-of-a-kind reality experience, complete with a cast of the most unusual characters you’ve ever seen. Robert Kurtzman’s Creature Corps is a fascinating and sometimes outrageous look at the day-to-day workings of a special F/X studio. Featuring “backstage access only” footage following the amazing Creature Corps artists as they create fantastic creatures, special make-up F/X and visual effects for film and music video productions, and haunted attractions.


Season Three

"ROBERT KURTZMAN’S CREATURE CORPS is a creative blast! Its MONSTER GARAGE with monster makers!"

Don Coscarelli - director of the Phantasm franchise / Bubba Ho-Tep / John Dies at the End